Let Me Light Your Pyre

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I was the glorious flame that once lit your fire
I burned a hot path from your head to your toes
I licked at your body with the gentlest strokes
And consumed your soul with passionate heat.
You were hotly ablaze for me.

Now you…

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Some words are written, while some words are read
Some words are heard, while others are said.

Some words go unspoken, while some go unheard
And some you wish could be forever deferred.

Some words are long-lasting, while some you forget
Some words you had longed for, but then you…

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He weaves a web of tales
They take you far and wide
These tales, like cells in gaols,
Entrap you, captured by his side.

You’ll love the timbre of his voice
It’ll be like music to your ears
Seduced by it you’re left no choice
You’ll crave its sound for years and years…

Photo by Volodymyr Tokar on Unsplash

Cupid saw my heart and thought,
“I’ll strike this one today!”
He kept his word
Against my will
My heart — Love-struck — is suffering still.

Fate saw my pounding heart and said,
“Let me do damage too!”
He picked distance from his arsenal
Looked pleased, aimed well and struck
My poor heart mumbled, “Just my luck.”

Time saw my wounded heart and sighed,
“I’ll see what I can do.
I hope my healing touch will help.”
He toiled for many moons, until
My heart acknowledged his great skill.

Hope saw my mending heart and smiled,
Deciding to herself: to say hello,
make friends with Time and hang around a while.

My heart already filled with Love, said,
“Let’s make space for Hope!”
Cupid said, “We gladly will!”
So Love made room and Time stood still.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

He calls me his “little muse”,
I’m amused.
He has no idea that he’s my inspiration.
And that I’d really love to be his.

This endearment takes root
in the fertile soil of my affection for him.
I, his muse…
Does he know what that does to me,
or what I’d like to do with him?

We are worlds apart, but I muse, what if?
Do I dare encourage the myth?
It’s the classic tale of the girl
who likes the boy
who doesn’t even know she exists!

But then, many achievements began as dreams,
And even gods and goddesses have hopes.
I don’t know his, but mine still is
that one day he’ll be mine,
and I will continue to be his
“little muse”.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Distance snatched you from my reach
It smiled as it stole you away.
You explored and learned and taught
You’ve become who you are today:
An obviously better version of you.
I don’t know what might have happened
Had you stayed.
Yet, here you are, so far…
Still mine (in my heart),
My Love from a distance.
Distance, my fiercest enemy.

Distance plucked you from my view
I cried as it stole you away.
I explored and learned and taught
I’ve become who I am today:
Hopefully, a better version of me —
Though still with the longing for you.
I wonder what could have happened
if you had stayed.
But, there you are, so far…
No way to know now, if our hearts
would have become entwined or been broken.
My Love in the distance.
Distance, my dearest friend?

Photo by Leonardo Sanches on Unsplash

I think of you, and wracked by guilt, I chase the thoughts away.
It seems I’ve won, but when I sleep, the night brings dreams forbidden by day.

I have confessed this plight I’m in, I hope you understand;
I hope that you’ll forgive me for failing with my plan
(Of crushing the attraction that I still feel for you)
The truth is: you’re adorable, which makes it hard to do.

If you’re annoyed, I hope you know that I’m annoyed as well;
These feelings that I’m battling should long ago be quelled.

It seems the phase I’m going through has not yet run its course,
And so I pray you’ll bear with me,
And know I’m filled with deep remorse.

Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash

Sweet sleep, where fleest thou?
I seek thee even now.
Why can’t thy pleasures be mine?
For thee, for thee I pine.

As I listen to the clock’s chime,
I close my mind’s window, one pane at a time.
I’ve awaited your capture all night,
But alas! You are now out of sight.

You have once more escaped my embrace,
Dancing away with a smile on your face.
You tease, I will have you, I vow.
Succumb to me, I must have you now!

You cruel tease, have you no heart?
In my hour of need, from my arms you depart…
You’ve won; you’ve proven I cannot use force.
I suppose if I wait, you will come in due course.

Farewell sweet sleep, I will wait up for you,
But don’t tarry long, or my dream won’t come true.

Bevene Williams

Reader. Amateur poetry writer.

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